Pet Company Marketing

Royal K9 needed a new site to update their brand image online. Their previous site didn’t reflect their level of experience, care, and quality that they deliver for pet owners. Like many of our clients, they do excellent work and have a great reputation - but their website was outdated and inefficient at converting leads. Luckily, they sniffed out our help.

From the beginning, we recognized that 32% of their current web visitors were viewing on a mobile device. Since the previous website was not responsive, they were likely losing almost all of those leads. We created the new responsive design keeping those mobile users in mind: they likely wanted a quick way to make an appointment or navigate to their location, so we made those features easy to access.

We completely upgraded the brand, website design, and reworked their existing copywriting for clarity, persuasiveness, and brand voice. Now, instead of providing simple static information, the website engages viewers in the passion of the owners and makes it easy for them to do business with Royal K9. We also optimized the site structure and content creation to help them be found in search engines.

Now, the site reflects the excellent level of service they deliver to their furry clients and pet parents.

We were honoured to work with Jane and Jean - their exceptional reputation for delivering value to their clients is something we are proud to have translated into an immersive digital experience.

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