Join Us!

If you have a passion for interactive marketing and are exceptional at what you do, we want to get to know you.

We work with people across the world. Our innovators and thinkers love working from home where they have comfort to go beyond the limits of offices, cubicles and other barriers. Plus, who really likes commuting to work?

You don’t have to be bananas to work with us, but it helps.

Is this you?

Detail oriented. Not in a “this looks good on a resume” way, but in the way where you can’t help but organize your closets by color and your inbox is nearly always tidy. You don’t forget the little things. Your calendar is a work of art.

Personable and friendly. You make easy friends, and have the ability to turn uncomfortable situations into a win-win-win for everyone.

Experienced in the digital marketing world. You know how to talk to programmers, graphic designers, strategists and clients, each in their own language. You understand that they HAVE different languages, and you are fluent in all of them. You probably don’t know HOW to do the job of a programmer or designer - but you know how to manage them.

You take initiative. You have the ability to take end states and break them down into the milestones and steps necessary to get there, all with little supervision. You have no problem speaking up and taking action if you see something that could be done better.

Good communicator. You have no problem finding the words necessary to motivate, encourage, and manage different personalities.

This is us!

We’re an equal mix of marketing minds and technology experts who create websites, full digital marketing campaigns, apps, and more. Our team works remotely from around the world from Ukraine to India, Argentina to Berkeley, and everywhere in between.

The opportunity
Project + Client Manager

– Project Management for Clients
– Manage the agency email inbox and calendar
– Delegate and respond to all client issues, support requests, etc.
– Organize everyone on the 25+ person team, set deadlines, ensure all deliverables are being completed on time, of the highest quality, etc.
– Work with clients to write project briefs, organize timelines, and ensure that the project is being done properly
– Give clients lots of LOVE

BONUS: We’d love to find someone who has experience setting up and documenting the systems/processes to accomplish this job.

We’d prefer to find someone within a few time zones of California to work within our clients' business hours.

The position is going to start on a contract basis, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position for the right person. Pay is negotiable - please include your rates with your application.