Social Golf Community Website Design

Golfwrx has been a long-time client of ours; we’ve helped them build one of the largest online golfing communities in the world. When we first saw the opportunity to combine the functionalities of YouTube and Flickr for the golf community and its tens of millions of players, we instantly said "yes".

We built a full online interactive user system platform and integrated it with four full video and photo streaming services. We had to make sure that it worked seamlessly with all of their existing services. We then created a mobile version of the system that went as far as allowing users to upload photos from their mobile device - without needing to download an application.

The user adoption rate has been rapid, with hundreds of thousands of photos uploaded in only a few months.

To build on this success, we are working on more applications and web development for this client. We are honored to be part of the success of their online community, which sees over 4,000,000 unique visitors a month and an average visitor time of nine minutes!